Hunters Wing Shooting

Live the tradition of Hunters Wingshooting

Southern Africa offers the avid sportsman, some of the best wing shooting opportunities in the world and Hunters Wing-shooting has many areas and locations to suit all classes of game bird enthusiasts.

Hunters Wing-shooting will show you an extensive variation in game bird habitats, both wet and dry, supporting an impressive abundance of game birds, comparable to any, found elsewhere worldwide.

Hunters Wing-shootings reputation of offering a wide variety of species of water fowl, ground birds, doves and pigeons, is incomparable and all of these species may be taken in the South African wilderness, in world class venues and conditions, under top class supervision.

Hunters Wing-shooting Safaris, include all the famous traditions and services of a top class safari, plus the added advantage of highly trained, obedient gun dogs, dog handlers and pick up staff. The safari locations provide a superb variety of hunting/shooting, while at the same time offer the guest, wonderful game viewing and photographic opportunities, within Southern Africa's famous countryside.

Hunters Wing-shooting Safaris, has gone to extremes in ensuring that their areas, camps, services and transportation offered for the duration of their exciting, action packed wing shooting safaris, are some of the Southern Africa's best and that client satisfaction is paramount. Each party will be placed in exclusive camps and areas and groups or shooters have been limited to a maximum of four, thus offering a high standard of quality and individual services.

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About Wingshooting

Hunters Wingshooting was established in 1990 by accomplished professional hunter, Pete de Villiers and his charming wife Alma.

Originally only operating within South Africa, Hunters Wing Shooting soon expanded its operations, to encompass the whole of the Southern African region in order to offer its fast increasing clientele a larger and more diverse selection of unparalleled trophy hunting, in some of Africa's prime safari areas, incomparable wing shooting on lakes, dams and open water reservoirs, superb photographic opportunities in fauna and flora sanctuaries, superb, breath taking guided walks or hikes in wildlife rich areas and exquisite travel variety through out the tourist resorts, within the region.

All safaris and recreational sorties are expertly supervised and conducted within the authentic African safari tradition, either in beautifully furnished, extremely comfortable, ideally situated lodged or tented camps within the specific chosen route or location.

Catering and culinary standards and creations by the various lodges, guest-houses and tourist establishments visited along the route, are of a superlative quality, guaranteed to please the most discerning palate.

Transportation to the various areas and destinations, are conducted in the latest 4x4 hunting vehicles, 4x4 photographic or game viewing vehicles, or by comfortable minibus vehicles whilst touring the various tourist routes.